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Do I Need a Delivery Order When I Purchase a Cask?
Do I Need a Delivery Order When I Purchase a Cask?
Updated over a week ago

Simply put, no, in the vast majority of cases, you do not need a delivery order when you purchase a cask with Whisky Partners. If you were to buy a cask direct from a bonded warehouse, you might receive a delivery order setting out the details of the cask. However, this is very rare today and the vast majority of warehouses do not allow accounts for private individuals, preferring to only deal with WOWGR-approved companies.

Whisky Partners received a WOWGR license in March 2020, fully approving us to store duty-suspended alcohol. Without this, you would experience difficulties when trying to move your cask to another warehouse or if your warehouse goes out of business.

If a cask is moved from a bonded warehouse and isn’t transferred to another bonded warehouse duty, then you would be responsible for paying duty. Whisky Partners also pay for storage and insurance for a number of years on every cask which again gives you peace of mind because you are covered against every eventuality allowing you to sit back and watch your whisky mature.

To read more about Delivery orders, see our dedicated guide below.

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