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How Secure is my Data?
Updated over a week ago

Given the nature of our products and services, we combine financial industry regulations, GDPR and ever-evolving best practices to ensure your data is secure and used responsibly.

Here's a short overview with some more information about how we undertake the measures that enable us to do this for you:

Limited data sharing

We share your data exclusively with necessary third parties, such as payment providers, suppliers, and marketing agencies, to deliver services and comply with legal obligations.

Strict security for shared data

We require service providers to have appropriate security measures and contractual obligations in place, ensuring your data is only used for its intended purpose.

Anonymisation and confidentiality

Whenever possible, we anonymise shared data during events like business sales or re-structuring, and ensure recipients comply with confidentiality obligations.

Safeguarding data storage and transfers

We protect your data, whether stored at our offices or third-party agencies, and follow special rules and protections for international data transfers under UK and EU laws.

Data retention limits

We retain your data only as long as necessary to address concerns, comply with legal requirements, and demonstrate fair treatment, deleting or anonymising it afterward.

Upholding your data rights

As an EEA resident, we respect your rights to access, modify, or delete your data, and allow you to exercise these rights free of charge.

Robust security measures

We implement security measures to prevent accidental loss, unlawful use, or unauthorised access to your data, granting access only to those with a genuine business need.

Data breach response procedures

We have established procedures for handling suspected data security breaches and will notify you and relevant regulators as required by law.

For more information, you can read our Privacy Policy here, or get in touch with us as [email protected].

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