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How are Wines Selected for my Portfolio?
How are Wines Selected for my Portfolio?

Your portfolio is in the trusted hands of our experts and Master of Wine.

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Wines are meticulously selected by our in-house team of experts, led by our Master of Wine. Each wine is chosen based on its overall quality and potential for appreciation, ensuring that your portfolio represents both prestige and value.

How do you Ensure the Authenticity and Quality of Wines Included in the Wine Cellar Plan?

Simply put, authenticity and quality are paramount and all wines are subjected to rigorous checks and due diligence by our experts. We work closely with renowned vineyards and trusted suppliers, ensuring every bottle's provenance and excellence. Our experts meticulously check every detail, with a fine tooth-comb.

Simply put, authenticity and high quality are paramount. We source as closely as possible to the point of origin, buying only from trusted vineyards and suppliers to ensure every bottle’s provenance is perfect. We research and taste thousands of wines per year, selecting only the wines with the highest quality, character and outstanding drinkability, and the capacity to improve with age.

Will I have Input on the Wines in my Allocation?

Our trusted experts will curate portfolios for our Members, so this works similar to a passive fund investment. In time, we’ll explore introducing more control over your portfolio so that you can discuss preferences and strategy directly with our experts on future allocations.

How do the Experts Stay Updated on Wine Market Trends?

Our experts are deeply entrenched in the wine industry and have forty years of industry experience making, tasting, buying and enjoying wine. They regularly attend global wine events, collaborate with top vineyards, and engage in continuous research to stay ahead of market trends and developments.

When will I Receive my Allocation?

You’ll receive your allocation within around 4 weeks of starting your Cellar Plan subscription. If you have any questions or requests in the meantime, feel free to get in touch via your Portfolio page or send us an email at [email protected].

How do I Track the Performance of my Portfolio?

Once you’ve signed up to a plan, you’ll be able to view the details in your account Portfolio. You’ll also see the option to speak to one of the experts that manages your investments and request periodic insights.

We’re also working on issuing automated reports via email, so it’ll be even easier to keep track.

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