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Explore details about Cellar Plans and how our experts select wines for your portfolio.

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Cellar Plans

Here's how you can get started investing in wine, with the help of our experts.

How do I Start my Cellar Plan Subscription?Getting started is easy.
What is the Cellar Plan?An overview of the Whisky Partners Cellar Plan.
What Costs are Associated with the Cellar Plan?Simple pricing, designed to maximise value for Members.
How are Wines Selected for my Portfolio?Your portfolio is in the trusted hands of our experts and Master of Wine.
Is there a Minimum Investment or Contract Period for the Cellar Plan?No fixed or minimum terms, so you can cancel anytime.
What are "In Bond" and "En Primeur" wines?Learn the difference to make informed investment decisions.
Will I have to Pay Tax and/or Duty?Only if/when you decide to take delivery.
How Will I be Charged for my Subscription?Secure and convenient billing for peace of mind and simplicity.
How do you Ensure the Authenticity and Quality of Wines Included in the Wine Cellar Plan?Armed with a fine tooth-comb, our experts meticulously check every detail.
Will I have Input on the Wines in my Allocation?Leaving it to the experts vs taking control
How do the Experts Stay Updated on Wine Market Trends?A recipe for success, over forty years in the making.
When will I Receive my Allocation?It takes around 4 weeks for our experts to identify and select a balanced set of wines for your portfolio.
How do I Track the Performance of my Portfolio?Stay on top of your investment.
How are my Wines Stored and Protected?Security and cover for peace of mind.
What Happens if a Wine in my Portfolio Gets Damaged or Lost While in Storage?Don't worry, we've got you covered.
Are there any Additional Benefits or Exclusive Events for Cellar Plan Members?Private tastings, early access to rare releases, exclusive events, and more...
How Can I Access my Wines or Have Them Delivered?We'll work to ensure you get your wines how and when you like.
Can I Add my Existing Wine Collection to my Cellar Plan Portfolio?With the help of our team, you certainly can.
Can I Sell Wines from my Portfolio Through Whisky Partners?Yes and we'll work with you to authenticate your wines for the best valuation.
Are there any Restrictions or Limitations?You're eligible to subscribe to a Cellar Plan as long as you're over 18.
How do I Change or Cancel my Subscription?Without undue hassle - just get in touch and we'll be on hand to help.